K3 Pro Infrared Thermometer

K3 Pro Infrared Thermometer

BHD21.000 BHD25.000
Specification :

1.Accuracy :+-0.2 degrees ( 35~40 degree Celsius ,place it in the operating environment for 30 minute before use )
 2.Alarm function : abnormal automatic alarm , flash + sound alarm for about 10 seconds .
3.Measuring distance : 5 cm - 10 cm automatic measurement 
4.Display LCD 
5.Transmission interface : USB type C  .
6.Adaptable power supply :4 AA batteries ( external power supply and internal power supply can be switched )
7. Install method : nail hook , bracket fixing .
8.Envirnment temperature :  10~40 degree Celsius( recommended  15~35 degree Celsius)
9.Measuring range :0~50 degree Celsius
10.response time : 0.5s
11. Standby : 30s automatic standby during non working hours 
12.Input : DC 5V 500mA 
13.Weight : 303 g
14. Dimensions : 170*115*140mm
15.Counting capacity :9999 times 
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Product Details
1.Working mode : count mode, body mode, surface mode .
2.status indication : expression , USB connection status , volume , power 
3.Mesurment result : temperature status or count status .
4. Temperature unit : Celsius or Fahrenheit .
5.setting item or historical record : M** indicates the historical record number .F* indicate the setting item number .
6.History temp or environment temp 
7. Environment temperature status .

1.Standbay :The backlight is turned off and the temperature remains displayed .
2.Insufisant power : the display indicate that the battery is empty and the icon flashes .]
3.Normal Temperature : flashing green light on both sides .
4.Abnormal Temperature : flashing red light on both sides 
5.Out of range (in body mode )  ''lo'' ultra low temperature than 35 degree Celsius .''HI'' ultra high temperature than 42 degree Celsius .

Operation instruction :
1.Temperature measurement : front of the thermometer  , approach it within 5-10cm 
2. History temperature query  : press the left and right bottoms to query the historical  temperature , M** represents the current historical temperatures 
3.temperature unit settings  : press the set bottom to F1 , press the left and right bottom to switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit 
4.mode settings :press the set bottom to f2 press the left and right bottom to switch the working mode .
5.Alarm temperature setting : press the set  bottom to F3 it is the alarm settings state of the body mode  .press the left and right bottom to switch the alarm temperature between 
6.Volume settings : press the set bottom to f4 
7. backlight settings : press the set bottom to F5 
8. Language settings : press the set bottom to F6
9.output signal settings :  press the bottom F7 
10. connect the computer with type C USB  cable open the software on the computer you can connect with the device and store the measurement result in real time . for more instruction please refer to software user guide .

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